The Seaverse

The Seaverse introduces the "DEBUK", a collective of fictional characters representing a global community transcending nationalities and races. These DEBUL avatars undertake deep-sea excavations to retrieve valuable earth metal ores and gemstones from the unfathomable depths of oceans worldwide. The expeditions are conducted using a united fleet of technologically advanced ships and submarines.

Major international agencies involved in precious metal ores and gemstone trade participate in daily bidding for the upcoming excavations. The bidding amounts are converted into daily rewards distributed to the DEBUK excavators based on their performance. A portion of the daily rewards is allocated as royalty income for ship and submarine owners.

Debuk NFT Airdrop : Upcoming

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Sole Purpose

DEBUK - Under The Sea is a forward-looking, community-driven ecosystem that combines elements of gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi) to create innovative tokenomics. It integrates the latest features of DeFi and NFTs, aiming to provide earnings to DEBUK community members through engaging activities in the enigmatic depths of the ocean floor. The ecosystem operates on a Play-to-Earn model, offering exciting underwater events and opportunities for participants in the future.



World's first underwater Metaverse

Immerse yourself in the world's first seaverse DeFi NFT game, packed with exciting features.


Debuk NFT Airdrops

Debuk NFT Airdrop:
1:1 underwater mining tool NFT airdrop to all Debuk NFT holders.
Participate in the scratch card lucky draw for a chance to win Ship & Submarine ownership NFTs in the airdrop exclusively for all Debuk NFT holders.


Daily Mission Rewards

The $OCN token offers a Play-to-Earn opportunity through active engagement in daily gaming activities.


Royalty Earning scope

Holders of limited edition ownership NFTs are eligible for lifelong royalty income.


OCN Token Staking benefit

The DEBUK Platform provides the benefits of $OCN token staking, including time lock, APR yield, and NFT rewards.


In-game marketplace

The in-game marketplace facilitates the buying, selling, lending, and borrowing of NFTs for all holders, enhancing the value of their digital assets.


Responsive 3D Avatar NFTs

All DEBUK NFT holders will have the opportunity to experience the responsiveness of their NFT avatars.


AR Experience

All DEBUK NFT holders are granted exclusive privileges that provide them with exceptional opportunities to capture captivating snapshots or selfies alongside their cherished NFT avatars.


Upcoming underwater combat game version

An upcoming combat version (to be announced) will allow Debuk NFT holders to upgrade their NFTs to Fighter Debuk NFTs and partake in thrilling underwater fighting activities against sea-monsters.

What is Oceanic Token?

Oceanic ($OCN) Token is a BEP20 GameFi token built on the BNB Smart Chain network. It serves as the native token for the DEBUK - Under The Sea decentralized game platform and is designed to be utilized by individuals interested in engaging with the game and investing in crypto-assets. The $OCN Token operates as a cutting-edge decentralized digital GameFi asset that aims to generate earnings for the community members.

Token Summary:

Oceanic Token limitation:
Oceanic Token ticker symbol:
Oceanic($OCN) Token standard:
BEP20 (BNB Smart Chain)

Debuk NFT

Debuk NFTs embody the fictional characters of expert deep diver Avatars who possess the ability to extract precious metal ores and gemstones from the unfathomable depths of the ocean floor. Occasionally, when the radar system detects underwater ancient cities or shipwrecks, all Debuks are transported to embark on a thrilling treasure hunt in the adventure zone.

The features and classes of Debuk NFTs increase in rarity and hash power, adding uniqueness to each NFT.

All DEBUK NFT holders will have the opportunity to experience the responsiveness of their NFT avatars. Moreover, they will get exclusive privilege of capturing captivating snapshots or selfies alongside their cherished NFT avatars.

Underwater Mining Tool NFTs

Underwater Mining Tool NFTs are digital representations of portable underwater material excavator equipment. These NFTs are specifically categorized based on rarity, Hash Power (#), and their ability to generate revenue within the game ecosystem.

The allocation of these NFTs will be conducted randomly through a complimentary Airdrop to all existing Debuk NFT holders at a 1:1 ratio. This distribution will take place end of the Debuk NFT community sale and prior to the commencement of the Play-to-Earn (Deep Digger) version.

Limited Edition Ownership NFT

Limited Edition Ownership NFTs are special NFTs that grant exclusive ownership rights over specific assets within the game, specifically Submarines and Ships. These Ownership NFTs are categorized into two types:
  1. Submarine Ownership NFT
  2. Ship Ownership NFT
Submarine Ownership NFTs represent ownership of a unique submarine vessel within the game. Similarly, Ship Ownership NFTs represent ownership of a distinct ship.

One of the key benefits of owning Limited Edition Ownership NFTs is the eligibility for royalty income. As the owner of these NFTs, you will receive a share of the revenue generated by the utilization of these assets or any associated in-game activities. This provides a passive income opportunity and additional value to the NFT holders.

By owning these Limited Edition Ownership NFTs, players can enjoy a sense of pride and exclusivity while also a potential opportunity to earn royalty rewards within the game ecosystem.

Debuk Roadmap

Q1 : 2021

Project Initiation

Market Research

Data Collection

Project Design & Strategic Planning

Concept & Game Design Initiation

Q2 : 2022

3D Design Initiation

Platform Layout & Structure Planning

Q3 : 2022

Portal Development

Q1 : 2023

Token Mint

Smart Contract Development

Test net V1 Launch

Q2 : 2023

Website Launch

NFT Mint

Debuk NFTs Airdrop

Q3 : 2023

ICO / Private Sale Start

Token Exchange Listing

Game platform Launch (Training Version)

Training Version & Debuk NFTs Primary sale starts

Q4 : 2024

End of Training Version and Debuk NFTs Primary sale

1:1 Underwater Mining Tool NFTs Airdrop to all Debuk NFT holders

Scratch Card reveal for Ownership NFTs Airdrop amongst Debuk NFT holders

Play-to-Earn Deep Digger Version Launch

In-game Marketplace Launch

In-game Staking Platform

Q2 : 2025

Game Aqua Arena (Combat Version) Launch

Bridge with different Blockchain

Team Members

The DEBUK core team leverages their background, passion towards NFT game and vision to create a successful and sustainable DeFi ecosystem that benefits all community members.
Kousik Roy Chowdhury
Ashish Jain
Marketing Head
Junoon Nayak
Brand & Communication Incharge
Joydip Roy Chowdhury
Technical Head
Bhaswar Bhattacharyya
Programming Head
Subharun Chakraborty
Graphics & Animation

Technology Associates

Freuently Asked Questions

What is DEBUK - Under The Sea Platform?

DEBUK - Under The Sea is a decentralized NFT GameFi platform that provides community members with the opportunity to generate income by engaging in daily gaming activities. It features an in-game marketplace where NFTs can be traded.

How can I participate in the DEBUK - Under The Sea game?

To participate in the game, community members need to acquire Debuk NFTs. These can be obtained through airdrops, the NFT Community Sale, or by purchasing them from the in-game marketplace.

What exactly is a Debuk NFT?

Debuk NFTs are avatar NFTs specifically designed for the "Debuk-Under The Sea" Game platform. They follow the ERC721 standard and are deployed on the BNB Smart Chain network.

Where & when can I purchase Debuk NFTs at the base price?

Community members can purchase Debuk NFTs at the base price during the community NFT sale, which is scheduled for Q3 2023. This sale will take place exclusively on the DEBUK Platform. Please note that once the community sale is over, there will be no further availability of Debuk NFTs for sale on the DEBUK Platform in the future.

What is the distribution limit for Debuk NFTs?

The distribution of Debuk NFTs is as follows:

  • There are a total of 17 unique Debuk avatar NFT characters.
  • Each Debuk avatar character will have a maximum of 4,300 NFTs minted across six rarity classes.
  • Therefore, a total of 73,100 Debuk NFTs will be available for community members, and there will be no additional minting of these NFTs in the future.

What will be the Debuk NFT's community sale price?

The community sale price for Debuk NFTs will be $26 BUSD.

Can I buy Debuk NFT in basic price after community sale?

No, it is not possible to purchase Debuk NFTs at the basic price after the community sale concludes. Following the community sale, the only option to acquire Debuk NFTs is by purchasing them from other Debuk NFT holders through the in-game marketplace at the prevailing market price.

Is there any NFT Airdrop, and when will it take place?

Yes, there are three scheduled airdrops for Debuk NFTs:

  • Community Airdrop: 3,400 Debuk NFTs will be airdropped in the third quarter of 2023.
  • 1:1 Under-water Mining Tool NFT Airdrop: This airdrop will occur to all Debuk NFT holders before the launch of the P2E version of the game.
  • Limited Edition Ship & Submarine Ownership NFTs Airdrop: Airdrop of these NFTs will be conducted through a scratch-card lucky draw among the Debuk NFT holders at the end of the Training Session.

What is the Oceanic token?

The Oceanic token is a GameFi utility token used in the "DEBUK - Under The Sea" game platform. It is built on the BEP20 standard and deployed on the BNB Smart Chain network. The token serves various functions within the game ecosystem.

What is the Oceanic Token Ticker?

The Oceanic token ticker is OCN.

What is the total supply of $OCN tokens?

The total supply of OCN tokens is 1,000,000,000 OCN (1 Billion).

What is the contract address of the $OCN token?

The address of the $OCN token is - 0xa53c133a14ae1aa8a86f5d9aefd53bb8901779a8.

What activities are to be done during the Training Session?

During the Training Session, all Debuk NFT holders need to undergo 40 minutes of daily training in specially designed training chambers that simulate high water pressure experienced in the deepest ocean beds. This training helps their bodies adapt to extreme water pressure conditions. Each Debuk NFT assigned for training earns the holder a daily lucky scratch-card on a 1:1 ratio, which will be a key component for participating in the Limited Edition Ownership NFTs airdrop.

How does the P2E earning version "Deep Digger" work?

The P2E earning version "Deep Digger" allows community members to assign their Debuk NFTs to the daily excavation event. By participating, they can earn $OCN token rewards based on the rarity and collection of their NFTs. All earnings and rewards will be distributed solely in $OCN tokens.

What is royalty income?

As a royalty benefit, 10% of the total daily reward amount will be distributed among Ship and Submarine Ownership NFT holders. Specifically, 2% of the daily reward will be equally distributed to all Ship Ownership NFT holders, while 8% of the daily reward will be equally distributed to all Submarine Ownership NFT holders.

Which wallet should be used for the game?

The most commonly used wallet for the game is Metamask. However, players can also use any BEP20 standard wallets such as Binance Wallet, Trust Wallet, and others.

How to get Debuk NFT after Primary Sale?

Once the primary sale is over, Debuk NFTs may be made available by NFT holders on in-game marketplace of DEBUK Platform. Price will be market driven.

Is there any Airdrop in DEBUK Platform? And when?

Yes, there will be three airdrop schedules...

  • Comunity Airdrop of 5000 Debuk NFTs on 3rd quarter of 2023
  • 1:1 under-water mining tool NFT Airdrop to all Debuk NFT olders
  • Limited Edition Ship & Submarine ownership NFT Airdrop to Debuk NFT Holders by lucky draw at the end of the Training Session